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Allison Watkins

This is the third dentist I've tried since moving to Raleigh. Unlike the others, this office quickly and easily sorted out my insurance information, provided a THOROUGH exam of my mouth, and discussed the best options to get and keep me healthy. Everyone there was eager to help with whatever they could and answer any questions or concerns that I had. I'm so happy that I found this dentist office!

Chastity Yeoman

got my wisdom tooth taken out- no gas was used and it honestly took maybe ten minutes for the actual procedure. the nurse sat and talked like we had been friends for years and the doctor was super nice and never said a word about how bad my teeth were(huge overbite and some neglected fillings)- a blessing for me as i hate when dentists get judgy.
I remember laughing when she said 'all done!' because i was SO nervous and she didnt hurt me at ALL i felt NOTHING! and it was over so fast i had to laugh, i was so relived.
and let me say that again, no gas- NO PAIN!

super affordable too, expected to come in and spend 800 dollars as i dont have insurance, i paid less than half that!!!

I would shout my love for this dentist from the ROOFTOPS

there was one woman working at a computer in the front that made a very rude face at me, but i was also talking ALLOT because i was so nervous. but the other women were so supportive, the check in lady even stopped me on the way out to ask how it went and if it was worth getting so worked up about and i told her i was silly to be afraid and it was the best dentist i had ever seen

they even let me take my tooth home!!(most places no longer let you take your tooth!!)

ALSO VERY CLEAN!!! didnt even see bootmarks on the floor!

will go back unafraid!!! such an amazing place.

Christine Dixon

I chose this office because it is covered by my insurance and I am happy I did! The staff is very friendly and they have been right on time for my appts. They even worked me in for an unexpected visit with only an hours notice. TV's in the exam rooms are an added bonus! Highly recommend.

Dee Parsons

I very much appreciate Dr. Hewett and his staff. They are friendly, helpful and quick to get my family in if we have a problem.

Dr Hewett replaced my crown after discovering a cavity underneath. I hate shots and he gave the best novocaine shot I have ever had. No pain! Yay! The new crown is perfect.

He has continued to provide excellent routine care and followup for me. Recently, he inspected my tongue for a chronic sore and discovered that two older crowns had developed chips that were irritating my tongue and quickly fixed the problem.

He and his staff also care for my elderly mother and stepfather (86 years old!) as well as my son. Dr Hewett did a great job repairing my mother's dentures. He removed a tooth and repaired some teeth for my stepfather and provided great, routine care for my son. All of them are pleased with his expert, thoughtful, and kind care of our family.

We all highly recommend Carolina Family Dentistry!

Heather Brown

I highly recommend Carolina Family Dentistry! Just like a lot of people, I dread going to the dentist. But after a very positive experience here I won't be so nervous in the future. Dr. Hewett is is very kind. His expertise and bedside manner really put me at ease. The rest of the staff is great as well. Everyone is professional yet personable. The extended hours in the evening and on the weekend have been super convenient too.

Heather Dean

They were awesome,friendly and most of all gently removed two teeth with no problem! Will be going back!

John Crowder

This is by far the best dentist that I have ever had the pleasure of seeing, I had braces for 5 years and came to fear the dentist with a distinct tingle in my spine when I would walk through the door. This office and the wonderful people who work there have completely changed my opinion on what a dentist visit is like, friendly well trained staff and awesome dentists make you feel at home and comfortable. I wont ever see another dentist again unless they work at Carolina Family Dentistry!

John Fraser

I had a great experience at Carolina Family Dental. The staff was friendly & professional.

Kwon Perkins

My family told me I should check out this Dentist. I was able to get an appointment for me and my four kids. It is very hard to fit us all in on the same day but they were very helpful and nice. The kids love going to the dentist now because they can get a toy. My new dentures fit so nice i can eat whatever I want now. We wont be going anywhere else.

Samuel Son

Love the dentist and the staff, no need to persuade my 3 kids to go to dentist, and it is not just for the treasure box at the end. The doctor is both professional and personal. Thank you!
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